Lindsay Nelson
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University


Ph.D. Comparative Literature, University of Southern California (May 2012)Dissertation: Embracing the Demon: Monstrous Children in Japanese Literature and Cinema, 1946-2008. Advisors: Anne McKnight and Akira Mizuta Lippit.

M.A. Comparative Literature, University of Southern California (May 2008)
M.A. Comparative Culture, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan (July 2006)
B.A. English, B.F.A. Theatre Studies, University of Texas at Austin (May 2000)


Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University (April 2017-present)
Project lecturer, Center for Global Communication Strategies, University of Tokyo (October 2014- March 2017)
Lecturer, continuing education program, Temple University Japan (Summer 2012)
Teaching Assistant, Global East Asia Japan Program, University of Southern California (July- August 2010)
Assistant Lecturer, Writing and Critical Reasoning, University of Southern California (Fall 2008- Spring 2010)
Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Japanese Literature. Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan (Spring 2006)


Japan Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (2010-2011)
Inamoto Scholarship (fall 2009)
ACE Nikaido Fellowship (summer 2009)
Foreign Languages and Area Studies Fellowship (2006-2008)
Sophia University Type II Scholarship (July 2004)


2017-present: Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University
2014-2017: Project lecturer, Center for Global Communication Strategies, University of Tokyo
2011-2014: Curriculum developer, World Family, Inc.
2008-2010: Assistant lecturer, University of Southern California Writing Program. 2006-2012: Graduate student, University of Southern California, Department of Comparative Literature
2004-2006: Graduate student, Sophia University, Department of Comparative Culture 2003-2004: Student, Sophia University Intensive Japanese Program
2000-2003: English teacher, AEON Corporation


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Japanese (fluent)
Spanish (moderately fluent)
Portuguese (reading knowledge)